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Our Advisory board at Music in Motion Canada is a collection of
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for our music community and the music industry.

Operations, Development, & Marketing

This group of professionals brings a variety of industry expertise to our organization making the venture possible. Barb Keck, Andrea Marin, Paul Curwen,  Mikhail Onqa, Marianne Zilic and Dawna McDade.

Our goal is to provide opportunities to explore and experience your musical artistic endeavors.

Vision & Philosophy

Inspiring and encouraging music creativity by bridging and connecting people of all ages to explore and develop their expertise – through Performing Arts disciplines.

Music Program Director/Artist Consultant

Sandy Graham

Sandy Graham is currently the Owner and Editor-In-Chief of Cashbox Canada as well as Founder and Managing partner of Record World International, the most recent addition to her CV is being the founder and co-owner of Cashbox Radio. Cashbox Radio is a popular online radio station that prides itself in playing the legendary artists right alongside the new indie artists releasing today. With over close to 40 years in the industry, Sandy Graham has been involved in many various aspects of the music business, and is a true trailblazer as well as a supporter of music and artists. She began in record retail, followed by holding the position of the 3rd female Music Director in Canada. Over the years she has worked with artists both inside touring and management in her career she has worked with Daryl Hall & John OatesKC & the Sunshine Band, Natalie Cole, Tower of Power, Andy Kim, Chubby Checker, Tommy James and the ShondellsGowan of StyxGerry & the Pacemakers, Terry Sylvester/The Hollies, Bobby Curtola, April Wine to name a few. Aside from currently being a music journalist, musicologist and on air host, Sandy Graham is also a choreographer, having choreographed the first ever halftime show at the Sky Dome (Rogers Centre) Toronto’s 60,000 seat domed stadium. She also worked with Atlantis Films as a dance instructor and choreographer (Robocop, Almost Grown, Maniac Mansions-SCTV, David Chase/Sopranos, Joe Flaherty) and continues to teach dance to this day.

My Philosophy

Music has always been a part of my life and it is in everything around us. We all have falling in love songs, wedding songs, breakup songs, sad songs happy songs, and the ones that make you want to rock. I could say I have been working for decades in the music industry, but I truly don’t know if I would call it work. In the last few years, with the different platforms I get to own and operate, my mission is to honour the legacy artists and to give the indie artists a chance. Whatever country, language or genre the song is in, I truly believe that music has no borders. I still love hearing new music and the songs that were the musical tapestry of my life.

Vocalist, Mentor

Susan Gudgeon Vocalist Mentor
Susan Gudgeon’s passion for singing is evident in her extensive resume, chronicling over three decades of experience as a professional vocalist, actor, dancer, and adjudicator.

Through the years, her enthusiasm for music has defined the course of Susan’s life as much as it has defined her vibrant character.  Her considerable experience performing with professional opera and musical theatre companies across Canada is a testament to her professionalism, talent, and strength.

My Philosophy

We are all unique, our voices as distinct as our DNA. Singing in a complete, organic way combines your physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual attributes, working in harmony through music to produce a talent that is distinctly yours.

~ Susan Gudgeon

Talent Representation

Ilene Six Dynamix Talent Representation

Ilene Elkaim is a multi-faceted, high-energy entrepreneur who is deeply passionate when it comes to combining Business with Performing Arts.  Since 1994, Ilene has spent equal time building a successful consulting business as well as engaging as an Actor, Producer, and Arts Centre Board Executive. Her most recent endeavour, Six Dynamix Agency, has a simple vision: To collaborate with Canadian Touring Performing Artists to enable them to thrive exceptionally well online as well as in person.

My Philosophy

My deepest aspiration is in service to Canadian Performing Artists: to make them popular in Canada and the world. This includes making art that is discoverable and accessible that should definitely be monetized to allow Artists to pursue their dreams professionally. And I wish to collaborate with those who share the same vision.

~ Ilene Elkaim

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