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Showcase your musical talents with a Silver Listing*

This opportunity will increase your visibility and find connections, collaborations, and business opportunities.

Being in a niche legitimate directory, with links back to your website, social media and other accounts all help in your efforts to build your online presence. Google and other search engine algorithms rely on this as a part of rating your rank SEO(search engine optimization). It’s how you increase your chances of being found online.

If you don’t have a website, this is an excellent place to start building a connection.

Sign up for a Bronze account and we’ll upgrade you to a Silver account, for three years.
A value of $40. a year.

*Your account will only be approved if you participated in our MiMc Music Awards 2023 event.

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A digital Note in your musical Repertoire
Our Music Community

Value $120

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Be prepared to secure a Booking Agent by downloading this document courtesy of Six Dynamix

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A lot of artists these days are capable of working independently — with no label that is. However, many artists such as yourself do in fact still need a booking agent. Not only will a booking agent help keep you on track, but they will work hard to get you gigs and shows you might have thought you could get.

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Six Dynamix

Collaborating with Canadian Performing Artists to achieve their dreams on stage and online.

Value $75

It’s a fact…

Radio airplay is an important factor in getting your music heard.

Get a half-hour conversation with Jae Carbera,
Creator/host of “Indie Vibin’ w/Jae”, a daily 2-hour radio show focused on music from independent artists around the world.

His show airs on indie1015.com

Let’s get started with a 20 to 30 minute consult.
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Jae Cabrera

Jae Cabrera

Value $75.

Music Business Consulting

A half-hour conversation with Tina Cole for advice on the realities of the music industry.

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Tina Cole Music Business

Value $75

A report that analyzes your website ranking, and finds areas of improvement.

Include your website and 2 competitors when you complete the form.

seo search behaviour

Value $95

Building your Digital Brand & Presence

Brand Awareness and Being Found in the online clutter can be daunting.

As a participant of MiMc Music Awards 2023, we are offering 20% off of our design services.

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Agency Services

20% Savings

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