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I was honoured to be invited to be part of the inaugural launch of Music in Motion Canada’s contest. I watched Barb Keck take an idea and grow it into an amazing event that could rival even the major contests on a global level. Congratulations on Year #1 and I look forward to your next step in this brilliant idea.

~ Sandy Graham

Music in motion is a powerful resource for nurturing new Canadian talent. It was a real privilege to hear so much creativity, and talent in these up-and-coming writers: it gave me a good feeling about the future of Canadian music. I’m happy to think that some of my experience might have helped a fellow dreamer make theirs come true.

~ Thomas Wade

As a seasoned music industry professional, it was encouraging to see how many artists applied to the MiMc competition and that the next generation of artists are so keen to learn. Thank you Barb Keck for giving me the opportunity to experience the first competition and best of luck with Year #2!

~ C. Cussy Nicodemo

Working with MIMC was an engaging and rewarding experience because the interaction as an adjudicator is parallel to a real-life situation as both a Manager and a Record Producer. You are advising contestants on how to advance with their careers not simply judging them on a scale of 1-10 from your musical perspective. This contest is a constructive experience, not a dismissive one. Thoroughly satisfying as a professional to be able to contribute.

~ Dan McConomy

I was honoured to be invited as an adjudicator for the MiMC Music Awards in 2023. The whole event was extremely well organized by Barb Keck and gave me the opportunity, as a renowned award-winning record producer, to meet many up-and-coming new and seasoned artists. The level of musical talent was very high.

Heads up for Canadian music. I would happily be a part of this again for MiMC and their team, and give my full permission to post this testimonial on their social media sites and websites.

With gratitude ~ Chris Birkett

My experience as an adjudicator with Music in Motion was truly exceptional. The opportunity not only allowed for a continuous learning curve but also treated me to an array of outstanding musical performances. It was evident that the artists put their hearts into their work. I trust that the constructive feedback provided will be beneficial for their growth. I look forward to future collaborations with Music in Motion, particularly in supporting Canadian talents. The platform created is not only enriching for the artists but also fosters connections, enabling me to engage with and assist talented individuals in developing their careers. Looking forward to more opportunities to showcase and nurture musical talent with Music in Motion.

~ Ashley

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