Building your Digital Brand & Presence

Brand Awareness and Being Found in the online clutter
can be daunting.

Music is a Business…

If you are a recording/performing artist, a musician, a music educator or other service to the music industry and you do this for a living you must run it as your own business.

To be a professional, do what successful professionals do.

Boosting your online presence
Boosting your online presence
YouTube Shorts and more

Additional Agency Services…

Our plans are customized to meet your goals.

Essentials to building your online presence.

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Our Expert Directory is designed for musicians, performers, music teachers, adjudicators, accompanists,
producers, publishers, promoters and industry resources.

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Design & Branding Services…

Logos & Symbols

Logo Design

A symbol that brands you, your band, your music group.

Unique designs to use in all your print and digital marketing tools.

Prices start at $250.

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EPK – Electronic Press Kit

Electronic Press Kit – Your EPK

Your EPK is an important piece of your media marketing.

An EPK is as unique as your brand, it needs to communicate a message through words and images.

Prices start at $250.

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Album/Song Cover Art

Cover Art to Brand your Music.

  • EPs/Albums

  • Songs

  • Music Visuals

Your music tells a story, your artwork should illustrate and represent the music through your visuals.

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Creative to go

Sponsor & Advertising Banners

  • Graphic design

  • Banner design

  • Digital ad designs

Let us know what you need and we can create the ads and images for you.

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Digital Marketing Services…

Digital Marketing

This plan includes a mix of strategies based on your goals.

  • Featured listing

  • Blog posts shared to Social Media Platforms

  • Google Ad linked to  your post

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Promotion Marketing

Our plans include a mix of strategies based on your goals.

Build Awareness, make them take action

  • Featured listing

  • Blog posts shared to Social Media Platforms

  • Google Ad linked to  your post

  • Promoted on our enews

  • Referral Marketing

  • Event Sponsoring

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Directory Marketing

Sponsor Advertising is available on all the pages of our directory.

  • Banner types – Leader board, Large Mobile, Skyscraper, & Square

  • Sponsor Links

  • Promote your Events, Offers, and Classifieds with a diamond listing

  • Articles in the directory gives lots of opportunities to link to your listing and websites

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Website Marketing

Website Marketing

  • Branding

  • Content

  • Coaching

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SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is an important part of your listing being found in a search.

  • Know your keywords

  • Optimize your listing

  • Articles will be shared to our Social Media Platform

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