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Uploading your video

To Submit your music and for the security of this event,
you will need to create an account on our adjudication platform
where your adjudicators will access your submission.

What happens Next? Within 2 to 3 days… 

  • Your competitor account will be ready for you to submit your music file.
  • BEFORE YOU UPLOAD – prepare your file in one of the accepted file formats*
  • LOGIN » and beside your name choose the drop-down menu – choose upload videos.
  • Follow the instructions to upload your Video.
  • *IMPORTANT Video and Audio** file types

    • Failure to follow this step will cause an unsuccessful attempt to upload your music.
  • Video files must follow these naming conventions;  yourname-songtitle-adjudicator.mpg
    • Supported file types include: avi, wmv, mp4, mpg, mov, mpeg, ts, m2ts, mkv, m4v, flv, mxf, ogg, ogv, webm
  • ** Audio files must be converted to mp4;  with the same naming convention yourname-songtitle-adjudicator.mpg
    • Using one photo is throughout the video is absolutely acceptable.
    • There are several Free converters online.
  • SUBMISSIONS must be added before Nov. 15th.


One more step…

Upload your Bio
Download the complete instructions

Uploading your Bio or EPK

Submit your bio for evaluation and feedback from the Publicist and the Program Director.

  • IMPORTANT Make sure your bio file name follows these naming conventions;  yourname-songtitle-adjudicator.pdf
    • Supported file types include: pdf, word doc, google doc
    • It is ESSENTIAL to name your file CORRECTLY. We need to associate YOU with YOUR music, failure to follow this step may exclude you from feedback.

If you have questions please submit your question here.
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