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Year ~ 2023

Graduate/Contributor College/University Experience
Ana Villegas George Brown College Copywriter, Search Marketing, Social Media
Sara Azavedo George Brown College Copywriter, Social Media, Google Ads, Eblasts

Student Experiences at Music in Motion Canada 2023

Music in Motion Canada’s commitment to community-building and passion for nourishing the development of aspiring talent is reflected in its organizational culture, which I would describe as flexible, collaborative, and transparent. Barb is a great supervisor with years of experience in marketing and graphic design. I looked to her for guidance and valued her feedback immensely during my internship. She is very approachable and was always there to help, whether it be questions regarding my tasks or general career/marketing advice. She truly cares about her mentees’ progress. Thanks to her, I was able to improve my skills and grow as an up-and-coming Copywriter and Digital Marketer. I wish Music in Motion Canada continued success!
~ Ana Villegas
Music in Motion Canada provides an exceptional educational opportunity for Digital marketing students. During my Internship here, I had the privilege of enhancing my digital marketing skills by creating content tailored for music lovers and professionals. Barb is truly an incredible mentor, her knowledge and experience with graphic design and digital marketing contributed greatly to my growth and performance with content creation and Google ads. Whenever I sought guidance or had questions, Barb consistently provided insightful feedback and unwavering support. She is dedicated to seeing students improve their skills and achieve a successful learning experience. My experience interning as a Copywriter at Music in Motion Canada was enriching and I encourage other students to seize the opportunity to intern under Barb’s guidance!
~Sara Azevedo

Year ~ 2022

Graduate/Contributor College/University Experience
Andrea Marin George Brown College Social Media
Shalini Nathamaudyar Seneca College Social Media
Nithin Antony Seneca College Website & Seo
Raymin Qayoumi Mohawk College Social Media
James Agyapong Mohawk College Social Media

Student Experiences at Music in Motion Canada

I really appreciate working with Barb and Music in Motion Canada because in addition to contributing, I learned a lot and I think it has been an enriching experience in my professional journey. It has been an excellent opportunity to put into practice everything learned, under the supervision of a great mentor.
~ Andrea Marin
Once again, thank you so much for this opportunity and for being such a great mentor. I did not just learn new things but at the same time working with you was so much fun. I wish you and Music in Motion Canada every success in all your future endeavors.
~ Shalini
It was really great working with you. You are one of the best employers I have had to date. I really hope and pray for the success of your company.
~ Nithin Antony
Working alongside Barb has been a great opportunity for me! Every day I was learning something new and taking on tasks that not only would help me with Music in Motion Canada but also in different aspects of my own entrepreneurship as well! Barb always provided useful feedback on how I could improve on my work and was always extending her hand out to help with anything I may need. This community is truly very welcoming and I’m proud that I’ve had the opportunity to take part! Thank you, Barb and I wish you and Music in Motion Canada all the best!
~ James Agyapong

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