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Our Music Story…

Music is a gift, let’s keep giving it to the world!

When you think about it, music is defined by creativity, collaboration and expression.

If you’re a performer, you rely on influential teachers to train and coach you so you can perform at your highest level. You may be looking for music producers, licensing, and publishers, booking agents and all the other talents required to build your dream.

If you’re a teacher, you need aspiring and accomplished performers to nurture and develop. And, if you’re a student, you need music competition organizers to help you identify opportunities for adjudication to develop your talents.

If you’re a producer, publisher, promoter, or any other talent in the music industry you need to be in front of musicians who are looking for your help.

In order to flourish and realize its full potential, the Canadian music industry depends on the collective energy of all its stakeholders.

Which is why Music in Motion Canada was created.

There was no central gathering place where teachers, performers, students and industry administrators could converge and share ideas, exchange services and find resources to advance their artistic endeavors.

Until now.

The spirit behind Music in Motion Canada is rooted in over decades of contributing to music boards, performing, recording, and promoting.

At the hub of this new community is a wealth of experienced music teachers, adjudicators and coordinators who have extensive experience in competitions.

Music in Motion Canada offers a broad range of resources.

Music Teachers and Students

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  • Mentorship for younger teachers
  • Business building resources for music teachers
  • Music Association Contact Information

Musicians and Performers

Producers and Promoters

And so, our story begins…already growing and evolving into an environment where everyone is united behind one central theme…

The promotion of expression through music and beyond.

We hope you will enjoy the energy and creativity that gave birth to Music in Motion Canada and that you will engage with us to bring more music to Canada’s stage.

Music in Motion, Barb Keck

Founder, Barb Keck

Our Vision

Is to provide opportunities to explore and experience your musical artistic endeavors.
Inspiring and encouraging music creativity by bridging and connecting people of all ages to explore and develop their expertise – through their music endeavours.

Our Mission

To build an online community for the performing arts of all ages, disciplines and levels to be inspired, to develop, and to grow by advancing their education and training through competitions, workshops, and auditions.

To inspire the music community of, lovers, performers, creators and promoters to build their dream.

Connecting people who want to develop their careers with the music industry audience.

Music is a gift, let’s keep giving it to the world!


Music In Motion Canada is a digital community for people of all ages who have a common love of music.

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