MiMc Music Awards
The Event
MiMc Music Awards Winners

Congratulations to our Top 3 Winners
& to our Semi-finalists.

1st  Place – We’re thrilled that Nick has signed a music deal as a direct result of our MiMc Music Awards. He will also be performing at a Festival in Sweden, August 2024

Nick Hedden
I See You

“I See You” is a love story about finally meeting that one special “person.” When you know that person is the one, you want nothing but to share everything with them. I thought this song would resonate with a lot of people which is why I was so ecstatic to record this in studio. I thought the hook was super catchy and an “ear-worm.” I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

2nd Place –  We’re thrilled that CJ has signed with a music management group as a direct result of our MiMc Music Awards. She will also be performing at a Festival in Sweden, August 2024
CJ Cooper

New Single “Kid”

“Kid” is a song about the tough realities of growing up. You look around one day and realize that you’re living in the moments you used to think about as a child. I hope it brings you some nostalgia.

3rd Place
Sharon Purdy, Darkened Skies
The Devil Sleeps Above Me

This song is a part of my EP. It’s a concept album based on the real life story of Colleen Stan. It was inspired by the book A Perfect Victim (The Girl In the Box). I was fascinated by the story and wanted to write about her. This song is my interpretation of her survival.

Our Semi-Finalists
Watch for this upcoming talent…

Haley Verall
Slow Motion

Stephanie Aiva
Floating Away

Christine Dare, Cold Weather Captains
Kings and Queens

Cristin Hyshka
Modern Sons

Nancy Hope
One in a Trillion

Dave Poulin
Simple de meme

Turned Around Me

Responses from our participants…

Just wanted to say what a lovely experience this was, and what genuine honest feedback I received. It’s events like these that motivate Artists To Keep at it!


Scot Krawec

Wow! A huge thank YOU to Barb at MiMc Music Awards! The adjudicated feedback and connection to folks in the industry was amazing. Great work making these opportunities for artists!

Abe Drennan

The comments and suggestions I have received are like pure gold to me, so I really have to thank you for putting this competition together.

I only started song writing in May 2023,  as I was just a karaoke singer before that. To receive this level of professional feedback and guidance is so invaluable .

The timing of the competition was ideal for me as applications just opened for provincial grant money to do proper recordings (I did these all myself as you can tell).

Thank you and the judges for all the lovely feedback, and thank you for caring about Canadian music.

Jenny “Everything’s a ballad”

Congratulations to all who participated and believed in their talent!