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5 Ways Piano Competitions Benefit Students

Ahh yes… the challenge of piano competitions… There have always been benefits to children’s musical education and overall development whether it be their teachers or parents to guide them. As a matter of fact, most coaches, teachers, and academics agree that some good healthy competition affects more than just the outcome of the music itself. Competitions also teach valuable life lessons, promote creativity, improve motivation, and create future opportunities.

Amplified Learning Experience

Piano competitions offer a unique opportunity for pianists. Being able to perform in front of credible and knowledgeable figures provides the pianist the opportunity to learn where they can improve. Scholastic studies show that children who participate in events like this are four times more likely to be recognized for their academic achievements. Performing is also known for enhancing children’s motor, cognitive, and social development skills.

A Path To Success

Additionally to the enhancement of skill sets, piano competitions also provide different sorts of awards. This can be anything from cash prizes, to potential work opportunities. Many aspiring children find that earning recognition from these competitions often leads to scholarships, new networking connections, friendships, and eventually even careers.

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Superior Musicianship 

Many respected and idolized figures in the musical arts world agree that competitions provide an essential framework for learning. With children being involved in competitions, it prompts them to make preparations and prepares them for heightened focus on practicing. It allows the spotlight to fully be on them and puts them in a position to face success or failure head on. These competitions provide students an informative and transformative environment to really level up their individual skills to becoming a better musician. Being a part of a competition drives students to want to succeed. Students who want to succeed often work harder and more efficiently which teaches a lot of valuable life skills. Any student who is dedicated and has the drive to learn can benefit from a piano competition by learning new skills and fine tuning the ones they already have.

Personal Growth

Other than providing opportunities for musical growth, piano competitions also benefit children’s overall general development. Although in music competitions not everyone can be the first place winner, there are always many other benefits a child can take away such as learning from mistakes, feedback, and failures. Piano competitions teach students to find out what their flaws are, learn how to alter them and act on them, reset their goals, and learn how they can improve for their future.

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Achieving Excellence

Through studies of competition it is found that children who are engaged in competitive activities show more motivation and enjoyment than those who aren’t involved. Perseverance, Creativity, and Self-Esteem all prove to be benefits of students being involved in some healthy competition. These students also tend to be more highly motivated. Competing promotes good habits for students and leads to success in many childrens lives. 

Parents and teachers are encouraged to push their young piano students to compete as it will teach the children valuable life long lasting lessons all while advancing and enhancing their musical abilities.

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