Benefits of Music Adjudication.

The process of adjudication in music competitions offers many benefits to musicians who are looking to improve their skills and develop their musical journey.

What is Music Adjudication?

In its simplest term, adjudication is “formal judgment.” This judgement provides musicians with constructive criticism for areas of improvement and strengths. Music adjudicators evaluate and judge musical performances or compositions. Music adjudication typically takes place in competitions, festivals, auditions, examinations, and assessments. These adjudicators or “judges” are often experts in their field and their purpose is to listen and evaluate performances and provide feedback based on the criteria for the performance. The criteria may include stage presence, accuracy, musical proficiency, interpretation, and other musical technicalities.

Watch the video on the right for some insights into how an adjudicator judges a wind ensemble performance.

 If you’re considering entering a music competition
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we have compiled a list of benefits that music adjudication offers. 

Benefits of Music Adjudication

1. Feedback and Improvement 

The purpose of an adjudicator’s feedback is not to highlight a performer’s mistakes or failures. Rather, it is to provide performers with feedback and guidance for improvement and growth. The feedback may address a performer’s musical interpretation, stage presence, expression, dynamics, and rhythm.

Along with feedback for improvement, Adjudicators also provide recommendations for improvement, such as technical exercises, and practice methods and techniques to help performers overcome their challenges and enhance their skills.

2. Benchmark and Goal Setting

Adjudication is a great way to set benchmark goals for yourself and work on your areas of improvement. Hearing an adjudicator’s feedback provides performers with an understanding of their current skill level. The feedback encourages musicians to target their areas of improvement, set realistic goals, and measure their progress. An adjudicator’s feedback is a source of motivation for musicians who strive for musical excellence.

3. Network and Community Building

Adjudicated music events are a great place to network with musicians, educators, and industry professionals. At these competitions, you can meet people with diverse experiences, skill levels, and musical genres and connect with others in the music industry.

Adjudication also serves as an opportunity to find mentors. Participants can engage with professionals to seek advice and receive valuable insights to progress their music careers further.

4. Builds Confidence

Going through the evaluation process, listening to feedback from adjudicators, and experiencing the pressures of performing for a judge will help you build confidence and resilience. Adjudicators want to see musicians succeed, and listening to their constructive criticism will motivate you to focus on the skills that require improvement.

Overall, participating in adjudicated music events fosters confidence by providing performers with a clear roadmap for improvement and reaching new levels of excellence.

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