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Registration Opens October 1st, 2023
Registration Deadline October 31st, 2023

Submissions after this date will be subject to a late fee of $20.

Since this event is across Canada it is Online only,
you will upload your video. Any winner concerts will also be held online.

You must be a Canadian Citizen and Resident*, Indigenous or have legal status in Canada.

*Quebec residents can enter for the personalized adjudication feedback, and recognition in our event, however, are not eligible for the prizes due to the legalities of the laws in their province.

Legal Status:
Legal status means you are authorized to enter and remain in Canada as a temporary or permanent resident under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, as a Canadian citizen under the Citizenship Act or as a Registered Indian under the Indian Act.

Proof of Residency requires one of the following:
A certificate of residency issued by the CRA.
Mortgage papers or your property tax bill(s) lease agreement, rent receipts or letter from your landlord.
Recent utility bill(s) (gas, electricity, cable, telephone).

Proof of Citizenship, Residents, Landed Immigrant Status:

Canadian Citizens
• Birth Certificate from a Canadian province or territory
• Canadian Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad
• Certified Statement of Live Birth from a Canadian province or territory
• Certificate of Canadian Citizenship or Certificate of Naturalization (paper document or
card, not a commemorative issue)
• Certificate of Indian Status (paper or plastic card)
• Registered Indian Record (certified)
• Valid Canadian Passport

Permanent Residents / Landlord Immigrants
• Canadian Immigration Identification Card
• Confirmation of Permanent Residence
• Valid Permanent Resident Card
• Record of Landing

Other Immigration Status
• Written confirmation from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
stating that you are “approved in principle (AIP)” for permanent resident status.
• A letter from IRCC confirming Convention Refugee or Protected Person status

Musicians, Artists


Instrumentalist and Vocal

All genres of music

Our Adjudicators and our team provide their time and expertise in this event.
Everyone in this industry agrees that working for free is not cool. Our highly qualified judges deserve appropriate compensation.

Our costs to run this event can be expensive, which includes web development and hosting, a music platform, marketing, prizes, staff and administration. To cover our expenses we need to charge a fee.

Our Guarantee
Every submission is evaluated by our hand-picked top-notch adjudicators.
MiMc is dedicated to making this event the best possible experience for all and think the fee is worth the benefits to the participants.

Your Opportunity
In 2023, our first Prize winner resulted in a major contract deal.
We offer opportunities for growth and connections through personal feedback and our digital swag bag. You won’t get any of this in voting competitions. Unlike the free or small fee submission entrees ours provides real benefits to EVERYONE.

Be Aware – Know the difference
Research how competitions work.  Fess of $25. or $35. gives you a submission with a small chance of being noticed with NO feedback.

Can’t Afford it?
We understand. Please understand we cannot afford to pay the expenses out of our pockets.

Our Goal
To bring you opportunities to further your career.

Our entry fee is an investment towards the growth of your musical journey.
It is used to pay the costs of our top-notch professional music industry Adjudicators, administration, and our expenses for logistics, and production, providing you with a unique experience. The fee of $45./per adjudication also gives you a digital swag bag worth $250.

Music in Motion Canada reserves the right to extend the entry deadline and increase or reduce entry fees for special promotions and/or entry deadline periods.

Purchases of our products or services are not required to enter your submission.

After the adudication of all participants, the Adjudicators will make the final selection on first, second and third prize winners.

The winners are announced 2-3 months after the registration closing date, pending the number of entrants.

All Songs must be a miniumum of two minutes and not exceed five minutes.

The adjudicators will evaluate your submission based on various factors. Please visit ‘The Adjudication’ section for more information on the criteria.

Yes! As long as your song hasn’t been produced or distributed on a major record label or its affiliates.

Entrant must own 100% of the publishing rights to the song, the song entered cannot be owned in any part by a music publishing company.

Yes! Every single entry receives personal feedback which is supplied in the form of written comments to assist you with developing and improving your work of art. Feedback will include constructive criticism that will help you improve your music and be the catalyst for progress and success.

Each Video or Audio* Performance must follow our Rules and Regulations and agree to the terms when you submit.

*Audio files must be converted to an mp4 or other video format.

Free Conversion tool options can be found online.

You are responsible for submitting the required file (type) format for adjudication. Full details are supplied in our instructions when you enter our event.

Once you have paid for your submission to be adjudicated, you will be entered into the event.
There are no refunds.

Refer to  our website Privacy Policy »

Terms and Conditions of our Event:
Our terms will be available when registration opens for you to agree to when you submit your entry.
MiMc Music Awards Terms and Conditions »

Terms of using our website »

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