How to prepare for a Music Competition.

As you near the date of your music competition, you may have been wondering how you can prepare for the big day. Preparing for a music competition involves more than just knowing what song you will be performing, you want to be mentally and musically prepared to increase your chances of performing well.

Preparing for your competition day will help you ensure
you have a smooth and focused performance.

Preparing for Your Music Competition

1. Eat and rest well

On the day of your performance, it is important to consume food that sustains your energy and keeps your brain focused. Having a nutritious and fulfilling breakfast will help you start the day on a good and healthy note.

In addition to having a healthy diet, ensuring you get sufficient sleep is crucial for increasing your energy levels. Competitions can be mentally demanding and by the end of the day, you are likely to feel mentally exhausted and drained. Therefore, having enough sleep will help you feel refreshed and perform your best at your competition.

Getting ready for a music competition.
Preparing for a Music Competition.

2. Create a Practice Schedule

To prepare for your competition, it is essential to practice consistently every day. Regular practice can help build mental focus, polish techniques and dynamics, improve memorization, build confidence, and set goals for yourself. Creating a practice schedule for yourself will help you set time aside each day to practice in preparation for competition day. This will ensure that you are musically prepared and avoid feelings of self-doubt and unpreparedness.

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3. Get there early

Arriving at your competition early is recommended to have a smooth and stress-free experience. Getting there early will help you familiarize yourself with the venue and your surroundings, check-in and register without rushing, clarify any details and instructions, and warm up and prepare. You will have abundant time to mentally prepare and visualize your performance and the audience.

Preparing for Music Competitions.
How to prepare for music competitions.

4. Listen to a Recording

At the venue, it is likely you will not have the opportunity to practice on an instrument. Therefore, it is recommended to listen to a recording of your performance. Listening to a recording of yourself will help you focus on the techniques you have mastered. In addition, listening to a recording of your performance before your competition as part of your practice will allow you to evaluate your performance and identify areas of improvement. This will help you progress and refine any technicalities during your practice sessions.

5. Record and Review

Reviewing and evaluating your performance is crucial after your competition. If you invite family or friends, ask one of them to record your performance so you can use it as a reference for your next competition. Watch the recording and consider the feedback given by the adjudicators – what areas of your performance can you strengthen? Use the feedback and recording as you practice and prepare for your next music competition.

How to prepare yourself for a music competition.

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