Online Music Lessons

Music teaching methods are migrating to virtual lessons, which provides an opportunity to reach more students at greater distances.

New technologies are a real challenge for music teachers, which is why understanding digital platforms and connectivity options play a very important role to modern-day teachers today.

Virtual lessons, meanwhile, also provide some advantages over ‘in-person lessons’, for example, they can connect students with a teacher who is physically located in another city, or from anywhere in the world. If your student re-locates to a new Country or City, there is no need for them to search for a new teacher.

Holding meetings, interviews, video calls or teaching a class are some of the possibilities available with these tools. Among its functionalities are recording the meeting, sharing the screen to show a presentation, enabling a virtual whiteboard and chatting with the attendees of the meeting. When you are teaching a class you can also open groups in smaller meetings and your participants can raise their hands or clap in a virtual manner to engage in the meeting. Music lessons online are ideal for long-distance situations.

Let’s get started by getting familiar with available options.

These are some of the most common tools currently used in digital teaching:


A highly recognized virtual meeting tool. You must create an account to start using the free version.

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This cloud-based platform’s functionality is based on team collaboration, for this reason, its most important and differentiating feature is the ability to share documents.


You can access this platform from your Google account, which requires a gmail. Just like teams you can share documents in the cloud. The advantage of this digital option is that Google offers you extensive online support information.


Similar to zoom you can also start with this application for free.


There are many helpful tools that allow you to create and learn music or to write compositions, interactive games for young learners, basic musical notations, and along with lessons and activities.

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This platform includes a large digital music library along with many other educational tools to add to your virtual tool box.


 A website where you can find resources to teach music, sections on artists, famous musicians and different musical genres to support you in your teaching process.


With this tool, you and your students will be able to compose music and create scores. You can write, listen to, share and discover musical scores


A powerful cloud-based tool allows teachers to continue their school program via podcast and fosters a collaborative environment in which students develop their creative and communication skills.

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