Volunteers are an essential part of organizing a music or dance competition or festival event.

Need a simple way to manage and engage volunteers?

Consider one of these solutions even if you have a smaller budget.

Choosing the right tool to fit your organization can offer indispensable features. For example easy online registration, simple shift scheduling, automated email reminders, and tools to help you match jobs to volunteer skills.

Three volunteer management tools
for any organization size.

They all have a free plan option with enough features to easily sign volunteers up and view when they’re scheduled.

Volunteer Event Tool

Free Account Features:

  • Unlimited sign-ups for 15 volunteers
  • 1 administrator
  • Free accounts must be renewed every 30 days

An easy, effective way to sign up volunteers for events and to manage volunteer scheduling. Publish your event through email or on your website and Ivolunteer.com will take care of the rest. Features include reusable sign-up sheets, automated emails, and advanced reporting. Choose from Free, standard or premium subscriptions.


Free volunteer event sign up tool

Free Account Features:

  • 1 Group Page
  • 1 Custom Question Field on the signup sheet
  • 1 Primary Organizer

Easy to create a volunteer group and start coordinating right away. Features include unlimited emails, customized signup themes, reminders, shift scheduling, and unlimited signups. Formerly VolunteerSpot.com. Five levels of plans are available.


Event Volunteer online management

Free Account Features:

  • No limit to the number of volunteer registrations
  • Free accounts include premium features. Ads are shown.

A volunteer registering tool provides several access levels.

The simple concept is members check or uncheck boxes to mark their availability. Logging in is made easy with auto-login links included in system emails. Members can also view the schedule, or the list of volunteers and which positions they can fill to facilitate covering or exchanging shifts due to unforeseen circumstances.