Building an online presence is about your online reputation, increasing awareness, and providing visibility  when people are searching for your products or services

With a large volume of music being released regularly, new musicians, and new singers want to be discovered and break into the industry.

Music teachers and mentors offer knowledge and expertise to new generations. The seek to turn their love of music into a vehicle which leads to a successful, professional career.

Currently, music students have access to multiple music teaching opportunities. Inspiring the student, and helping to develop their love for music might not be enough to gain a competitive advantage, the teacher must make themselves known, be found, with a professional online presence.

Website Tips

Having a professional website design will provide credibility. When you can’t speak directly to your potential customers a website becomes your spokesperson

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Standing Out

Your Homepage is usually the first place your audience will come to, it is the first impression of your music school and your professionalism. Think of the judgment you make when you visit a website.  You went there to find something.

There are usually three key things people will ask themselves while on the home page of a website.

Here are two examples:

Services – Do they provide what I’m looking for  – individual, group or online lessons?
Location – Where are you located, how can I find you?
Credibility – What are your qualifications? Do you have certification?

Services – Do you perform at private or public functions? Are you a session player? What genre of music do you perform?
Location – Where are you located, will you perform in my area?
Credibility – What are your qualifications? What is your track record?

Highly Recommended:

  • Titles and a clear description of the services you offer as a musician and teacher.
  • A menu bar that allows the visitor to easily navigate your website. Sounds like a no-brainer, however, many sites are awkward to get around.
  • A variety of ways to contact you along with a call to action – invite them to get in touch.

Create an interesting biography

To build credibility as a professional and reliable musician, it is recommended to include Key highlights about your career, how you started, and who and what styles of music have influenced you. Be sure to include all formal and informal education experiences and whether you have participated in tours, concerts or festivals. It is also important to include what role you play in each one.

What is your story? People relate to stories. How did you get started? What inspires you?
Remember to include all formal and informal education experiences.


Your style, your music, and your personality will make you stand out. Know your audience and promote to them!

Offer a Unique Value Proposition (UVP). This is what will separate you and make you unique from other teachers. In many cases, it is considered that the price can become a determining and differential factor, however, it is not recommended since there will always be someone willing to charge less than you to win customers. Instead focus on service, quality, and social contribution.

Social Media Visibility

Social networks are one of the best strategies to generate brand awareness. Whenever a person is interested in a new product or service they search for information in two main places: the website and their social networks. Depending on the group of customers you want to reach, choose how many and which are the best options where you want to appear. 

  • Maintain your brand image in ways that are consistent with your website.
  • Post interesting information related to the music industry you work in.
  • Create a post schedule for a consistent presence to your audience 
  • Interact with other social media accounts to make yourself known while building awareness.

Generate Contacts

As you post to your social networks, you can build your digital community. However, achieving this is not easy, you can start by creating a list of visitors on your website and periodically send them updates about the services you offer or data that is important to them in a newsletter format. You can also participate in digital communities where experts will provide visibility and generate significant contacts for your professional development.


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