Molly Johnson has carved a remarkable path through the music industry.

Born on June 12, 1959, in Toronto, Johnson’s musical journey began in her early years, eventually leading her to become a prominent figure in jazz, blues, and contemporary music.

Molly’s Influences

Molly Johnson’s roots in the arts run deep. Raised in Toronto, Ontario, as the daughter of a white mother and a black father, Johnson’s exposure to music began in the 1960s. As a young student, she, along with her brother, was chosen by Toronto producer Ed Mirvish to perform in “Porgy and Bess” at the Royal Alexandra Theatre. Her early experiences in musicals like “South Pacific” and “Finian’s Rainbow” laid the foundation for her future artistic endeavours. Johnson started formal training at the National Ballet School and the Banff School of Fine Arts.


Molly Johnson’s musical journey took diverse turns, reflecting her versatility and passion for various genres. In the 1980s, she was the lead vocalist for rock bands “Alta Moda” and “Infidels”, each making notable contributions to the Canadian music scene. Despite the success of singles like “Julian” and “100 Watt Bulb,” both bands disbanded after releasing just one album.

Philanthropy and Activism

Beyond her musical endeavours, Molly Johnson has actively engaged in philanthropy. In 1993, she initiated the annual Kumbaya Festival, raising over $1 million for Canadian charities focused on HIV/AIDS.

This commitment to social causes underscores Johnson’s belief in the power of music to make a positive impact on society.

Through her podcast “People of Vision with Molly Johnson,” Molly engages in conversations with remarkable individuals, delving into their perspectives. She believes that there’s no better way to achieve this than through their musical preferences.

Molly consistently poses the same question, but the varied responses make the discussions intriguing.

Journey into Jazz

While Johnson had been part of various musical projects, it wasn’t until 2000 that she released her debut jazz album, self-titled “Molly Johnson.”

This marked a significant shift in her career, and subsequent albums like “Another Day” (2003) and “Messin’ Around” (2006) further solidified her position in the jazz realm.

Her albums not only gained acclaim in Canada but also found success in France, where she continues to tour.


Molly Johnson’s contributions to the music industry have not gone unnoticed. In 2007, she was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada, recognizing her significant impact on Canadian culture.

Additionally, her album “Lucky” earned her the Juno Award for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year in 2009, highlighting her prowess in the jazz genre.

Recent Endeavors and Achievements

As of 2023, Molly Johnson remains an active force in the music industry.

She recently launched the vinyl edition of her latest album, “It’s A Snow Globe World,” through Universal Music Canada.

The album, initially released in October 2021, features holiday favourites and showcases Johnson’s enduring talent as a vocalist and songwriter.

Legendary Canadian Jazz Artist Molly Johnson Releases Vinyl Edition Of
It’s A Snow Globe World by Cashbox Magazine, 2023

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