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Digital Marketing has become important in the music industry, especially for independent musicians and small music businesses. However, with the rapid evolution of technology, it can be challenging for music marketing professionals to keep up with the latest trends.

To remain competitive in the music industry, companies need to understand how these changes will affect their marketing strategies. Here are some ways musicians and music businesses can keep up with digital marketing trends.

1. Check out online publications and magazines:

Digital marketing publications are great resources for staying up-to-date on the latest developments in digital marketing. These publications offer advice on how to improve existing strategies and cover topics like big data, the Internet of Things, and the metaverse, which can help businesses improve their customer experience. The Music in Motion Canada blog regularly posts about digital marketing aspects that you can use to enhance your digital presence.

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2. Connect with digital marketing experts:

Music Digital Marketing Trends

To keep up with the latest trends, it’s crucial to join a Digital Music Community, where you can connect with industry experts and stakeholders. You can also follow influencers and music professionals listed in our directory, or if you prefer the support of an expert, don’t forget that we have options to help you achieve your goals such as Digital Marketing, Promotion Marketing, Directory Marketing, Creative to go, SEO Marketing.

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3. Use social media platforms to follow Digital Marketing trends:

Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can be easy-to-use channels to stay up-to-date on digital marketing trends. By following industry leaders, businesses can receive daily updates on their thoughts and opinions on digital marketing best practices and trends

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4. Tune in to industry podcasts:

As a musician, staying up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends is crucial. Industry podcasts offer valuable information and advice for musicians looking to grow their online presence. You can listen to these podcasts on the go, whether you’re on a tour bus or taking a walk.

5. Marketing Influencers:

Follow marketing influencers such as Mitch Joel, a digital marketing pioneer, speaker, and author based in Montreal, Quebec. He is the president of Mirum, a global digital marketing agency, and has written several books on marketing and business.  Another influencer is Terry O’Reilly, a marketing guru, radio host, and author from Sudbury, Ontario. He is the host of the popular CBC Radio show “Under the Influence,” which explores the world of advertising and marketing, and has written several books on marketing, including “The Age of Persuasion.” Ryan Holmes, a tech entrepreneur and marketing influencer from Vernon, British Columbia, is another great influencer to follow. He is the founder of Hootsuite, a social media management platform, and is a sought-after speaker on topics like entrepreneurship and social media marketing.

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In conclusion, staying up-to-date on Digital Marketing Trends is essential for businesses to remain competitive. By following these strategies, businesses can gain a competitive advantage, drive more website traffic, generate more leads, and successfully convert them into customers.


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