Music is My Happy Place

How music inspires me

We are constantly surrounded by music. Everywhere we go there is music playing in one way or another. Waiting in the elevator, shopping in a retail store, hearing the ice cream truck drive by our house. These are the sounds that inspire us and bring joy in our hearts, why is that? From a young age, lullabies are created and shared with infants to create a sensational sound that will soothe them to bed or calm them down during a tantrum and from then on music is in their lives until the end of it. 

Music can help with procrastination

We have all been in those times during high school or college when we have an assignment that we just do not want to start, I know I have. When I get in these situations, I let music sweep me off my feet and get my hands typing and starting my assignment. All I need is a playlist that will get my head in the space of getting work done and off I go. One of the biggest reasons I struggle with starting assignments is the stress behind it. When I know I have a due date coming up and I worry about the grades I will get, it is difficult to put my mind only on my monitor and keyboard and work on what needs to be done. I need to share my focus and music is there for me. While listening to music, I am in a state of enjoyment as my brain is focused on the music that is playing while my hands are typing away and before I know it my assignment is complete thanks to music.

Music sets the atmosphere

Music sets the atmosphere

Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Jurassic Park have one thing in common; John Williams. The incredible soundtrack in all of these franchises bring nostalgia and a large sense of wonder when they are heard as they are one of the most recognizable soundtracks ever created. The pure excitement that is felt when watching these films cannot be replicated in any other media that exists and that is purely due to the music as they would not be nearly the same without. The dark and thunderous theme that plays when Darth Vader enters the scene sends a chill down the audience’s spine as they know that the menace of all Siths is about to send fear and despair into all of his enemies. Or the shimmering theme that plays when entering Hogwarts that fills the audience with wonder and curiosity to explore the world of Harry Potter and uncover the secrets that hide beneath the surfaces of the wizard world. The music is a huge reason why these movies have made a staple in the film industry and is still being widely spoken about, watched, rebooted, and explored in every kind of way possible. No matter what kind of movies the next generation grows up with, the music will always be what each generation can relate to when looking back at their fond memories. 

Music affects your emotions

Imagine a warm and sunny day, riding shotgun in your friend’s convertible, on your way to cool down with a fresh scoop of ice cream. What is this amazing experience missing? Your summer playlist blaring through the car speakers, of course. Music can ensure this memory will stick with you that you will be sharing for the rest of your life. It’s the music that you can sing along to with all your friends. At this moment, music is enhancing your happiness. Unfortunately, not every day can be as joy filled as this one as we all have bad days. The good news is that music can be there for you as well. To cheer you up or to bask in the emotions. Put on your sad playlist or happy playlist and let the music take the distractions away from your mind, let the reason for your sadness disappear in the notes of the instruments. This is the impact of music on your emotions, during happy times and sad times it will always make the memories memorable. 

Music is My Happy Place

Music is everywhere

We accept it into our lives to not only enjoy it while doing mundane tasks but to intrigue our minds to cause music to send us back to memories we forget we ever had. When you hear the tune of a song that sends nostalgia and happiness of a time before that is when you appreciate music for what it is and wonder what other music there is that will send you to another memory you can’t wait to experience again.


Raymin Qayoumi

Mohawk College