What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool from Google which provides a way to increase your visibility online by allowing you to include photos, location, services or products or any other relevant information about your Google business account. Having a Google My Business profile gives you more chances to rank in the top 3 local results, Google Maps and local search, this will improve your exposure and help you convert people who find you on Google search into your customer.

How to create a business profile on Google My Business?

To create your Google My Business profile, start here.

Essential elements for a successful Google My Business profile

Verify your business.

When you add a business to Google, they will send you a four-digit code. When you receive the code, simply go to the link provided and enter it into the field. This will let Google Business know that your local business is legitimate and will officially publish your new listing.

Make sure to enter your exact location

It may take time to get your pin right on the map, take your time doing it. When you have it located, check again on Google Business Maps that it is in the correct place.

Create a full Google Business Profile

The most important details to include in your Google My Business profile are your business name, address, phone number, website link, and categories. It is important to have complete this information because it gives users greater confidence about your business. Completing your products and services will keep them on your profile longer, making Google view your profile and giving you more important than your competitors.

Important Tip

Make sure you choose the appropriate category. Do not pass this option without having thought strategically about which categories will help the Google engine understand what you do. We recommend that you choose at least 3 categories.

Keep your google business listing up to date  

Google My Business listings are like the virtual store in the digital world, and for that, it is very important to keep them updated. It is suggested to carry out verifications periodically if possible and set a reminder to not forget to perform this task.

NAP Consistency

NAP is an acronym for name, address and phone number and refers to the most important details on the web. If Google notices that your address or phone number is not the same on your social media page and your Google My Business profile, you risk a fine.

Pictures, Logo, Cover Photo.

Including even semi-professional images helps you improve rankings, take photos of the exterior and interior, plus anything that can help improve your ranking on a Google My Business listing.

Marketing seeks to stay in the consumer’s mind, which is why they are constantly showing us the logo, this is a strategy of repetition and association with your company or business since the logo is one of the most important assets of brands.

Choose a cover photo that symbolizes what your brand or business offers. Do not upload the images with any name, but before uploading them, optimize the titles of your images, including keywords.


5 / 5

Reviews will help you increase the ranking of your profile in the search engine and Google Maps, and influence the click-through rate.

Create a review strategy such as asking your satisfied customers to leave you a short review. Try to respond to all comments in a way that makes your customers feel that you appreciate their review, and show respect for them.

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